kira4horses said: Why are you so mean to them what they do to u

Anonymous said: Are you ever going to post again? I love this blog, and I wanna see something new soon.

Honestly probably not, i had a lot of fun with this blog butIi just dont have the time to do it anymore but seriously if anyone wants to take it over, message me because you’re more than welcome to :)

Anonymous said: can i use the pics on this blog to spam my hardcore mcr fan friend?

go for it :)

Submitted by thereisacorpseinthisbed

Anonymous said: I'm guessing this website is now dead huh.? Theres never anything new.. -,-

seriously if you want something new SUBMIT SOMETHING or wait for me to do it, ya know unless you want me to post everyday and fail my exams.

Anonymous said: How come there isn't any new post's on here anymore.??

I’m really really busy with a levels, interviews, my job and coursework. If you want more posts then people need to a) submit, B) become a member/admin etc im prefectly fine with that or c) wait for me to get around to it, sorry but im trying

Anonymous said: Could you post the original photo for this? /post/13073696229 :) please and thank you

shit shit shit sorry I took so long to answer this. here it is :)

Anonymous said: You've probably been asked this before, but if you're so busy, why not ask for help with managing this blog? I myself would be glad to help you out, as I'm sure many others would as well. Just an idea.

In all honesty this if the first time I’ve been asked this, and I would be glad if people wanted to help manage it, well whoever you are anon feel free to become a member of it I really would appreciate it and to anyone else out there that wants to help too can feel free to :)